Yemen is the origin of coffee for several centuries.
Mocha was known as export port .
Yafi is the main source of antique Arabica coffee.

Organic farming 100%

The farming of the coffee in Yafi is inherited by traditional way. The farmers harvest the coffee granules and stored manually. The granules get drying under the sunlight on roofs of houses to maintain the natural quality and the taste.

To clarify, the farmers in Yafi do not use agrochemicals or any extra ameliorative. It is pure and very special in the flavor and thetaste.

According to Arabica coffee rating that specifications and standards of Yafi coffee is the best in the world.

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Region details


Yafi is Countryside in Yemen. Equator longitudinal between 46-45 and transverse between 14-13. Yafi is rising from the sea by 1700 to 3200 Meter, 3200 meter is highest peak in Yafi . Coffee cultivation in the valleys are among the high mountains. The valleys where the coffee cultivation, is rising from the sea by 1400-1700 meter . So, this is one of the most important specifications for Special Coffee.